In the hotel industry it is very important to ensure that your guest is looked after and is satisfied with your service. However, if a guest is just satisfied with the service then chances are they won’t remember your brand name after a few months. Why? Because they didn’t have anything to complain about does not mean they had something to remember you by. At we prefer to be remembered by our guests and hence focus on delivering an experience that thrills and excites them.

Set the Right Ambience

The first thing that a guest will notice when they step into a hotel is the ambience. Their senses will notice small things like colour, lighting, temperature, aroma, and even cleanliness. Make sure that you have got this first step right with setting the right type of ambience.

Personalize the Stay

If you know your guests beforehand then it would be great to personalize their experience. You can set up a personalized welcome note for them. If they are your frequent visitors, then stocking up their room with their preferred drink would be good. You can also leave a bunch of their favourite flowers in the room.

Using their name will also be a good idea. It will help them feel more comfortable and will give you a chance to build a positive rapport with the guest.

Provide Memorable Takeaways

You can surprise them with a welcome gift on their arrival or by giving them something to take away with them after their stay. A memorabilia can go a long way in building relationships. It would also be a good idea to have a small store in-house for the guests to buy souvenirs.

Reward the Loyal Customers

Guests who are returning back to your hotel or who are frequent visitors should be ideally rewarded for their loyalty. You can offer them a discount or gift them something in kind for bringing their business to you over and over again. A guest that feels appreciated with be like a brand ambassador for you.

No Fine Print Surprises

Nothing irritates a customer more than the feeling of being duped. If you are charging extra for anything then make it very clear. All the rates and price notifications should be clear and visible. If taxes are being charged additionally, then mention the tax rate for the benefit of the customers.


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