We all deserve a break from the day to day grind that is life. Going to work every day or being a stay at home parent takes its toll on you after a while and sometimes you just need to get away for a while and try to be the person you used to be. You don’t want to have to cook for yourself as you do that at home all the time and you really don’t want to have to exert any effort at all if possible, because you do that every day in the office. Typically, most people think about booking a hotel, but what about a boutique hotel. They are smaller with fewer rooms which means more attention being given to you.

Personalised Service

If you book a nice boutique hotel in Pulau Langkawi, then you will find a service more personalised to your wants and needs and because there are less guests, it allows the staff there to establish a one-to-one relationship with you and your family, which means everybody knows each other by their first names and so you feel welcome and well taken care of. When you ask for something, they will get it for you immediately and no request is unreasonable for them. They will make their best endeavour to make sure that you get the full boutique hotel experience.

More Relaxing Experience

When you take a break from life, you don’t want to be staying somewhere where there are multiple guests coming and going through the halls, taking up all the sun loungers and generally being everywhere that you turn. You need something different, something quieter and you get that when you book yourself into a boutique hotel. Because there are less people then this vacation feels like a home away from home and there are no large queues when you want to get breakfast in the morning and there is no looking around the reception area for a seat to sit down on.

Better Food Menu

When you stay at a boutique hotel, you will find that many of them will offer you and your family homemade food prepared by themselves. They can offer you options like freshly baked bread, fruits and cheeses all prepared by their own hands. This beats the standard boring breakfast that you get when you stay at the other hotel chains that seem to have a revolving door of guests coming and going and there seems to be no variation at all.

It’s All About the Location

Boutique hotels can be found off the beaten track or within villages and their people. This way you get to experience the real people of the area and not the touristy places that you normally go to. You get to experience the genuine people around and you may even make new friends while you are there. It just gives you that local feel that you don’t get with regular hotels.

Boutique hotels are not just better, they are full of personality and their architecture can be amazing to look at. They provide that old romantic feel that is so hard to find nowadays.

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